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Sometimes just the reading of a story can give you a much clearer understanding of the charachters involved, and the situations that they face in life.

CAROLINAS JOY, is a true story fleshed out with some fictitious details. Such a girl lived such suffering, and joy, and her prayers were answered when her father found Christ in one of the camps in the Culiacan area.

AMBUSH AT PERICOS, is an account of Gods provision and protection from ungodly men.

The story of THOMAS AND MARIA reveals some of the desparation of life in a migrant labor camp, and the hope that there is in Jesus.

READY, is a poem by Ruth Naldrett, revealing the truly desparate need of those who have been and continue to be left out in the breaking of the Bread of Life, and OUR RESPONSIBILITY to go to them with the message of Christ.

Breakdown on the Highway, God's care (once of many times) in the face of serious mechanical breakdowns on the road.

Staying by the stuff. A Bible story from the life of David with comments.


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