Here are some recent photos and descriptions of what we are involved in.

Elderly Tarascan Lady

An elderly Indian lady of the Tarascan (Purhepecha) tribe. Does she know the Lord? Has she even heard the gospel message?

Poverty and drought in their homelands has driven many thousands of the Indian people from various tribes to seek employment in other regions of Mexico, and the United States. We see this as a great opportunity to reach them with the gospel. Just as many Americans came to Christ because of difficulies in life, so too the Indian people. A more or less modern proverb says "mans extremity is Gods opportunity." The Bible speaks of being "emptied from vessel to vessel" as one method that God uses to cause people to realise their need of the Savior.

Most of our work in the camps is at night, and good pictures are hard to get. Below are some thumbnails of recent ('04-'05) camp visits. Click on each picture to see it enlarged.


On the Road with motor home and van A very poor Mixteco camp. Near Culiacan - Camp Emilio.
Old Camp - Fresh Blessings A Christian family from among the Indian people at Cpo SantaFe. Nahuatl (Aztec) camp in Jalisco
We thought the village was on fire Cassette copier - getting 'out-dated'? Another Nahuatl camp in the Southern Mexico state of Jalisco
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