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Our Financial Policy!

Our whole policy is based on the Golden Rule coupled with the scripture that says not to let your left hand know what your right hand does when you give.  We believe that you give out of a loving and obedient heart toward God.  Just as we would not want credit before men for what we do toward God, so we do not want, or (ordinarily)  give reciepts.  Instead (so that you will know that your gift has arrived, and is being put to work in the gospel) we reply to each gift with a simple letter of acknowledgement, that does not mention amounts.

Please do not take this position as being condemnatory of those who hold a different view. This is our view, and we have peace about it. If you desire a tax deductible reciept please feel free to follow the quidelines below: . First: Make out check or money order to Faith Baptist Church. do not put our name on it (not even on the memo line). Instead include a small note of designation if you wish. (All funds recieved in that name, at the address below will be deposited to the that account, and used for the work and witness that Dave and Ella McMullen are engaged in.) Mail it to:

Faith Baptist Church

4 Strong Row

Bisbee, AZ. 85603

Many Godly men do not see things as we have seen them, and feel that a tax deductible reciept allows them more latitude to give. You are not governed by our conscience in these matters, and since we now can offer such reciepts, we will gladly issue them to those who give in this way.  This does represent a change in our policy.

Yours for Him, Dave McMullen

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Last update: July 2011