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Three men. Our evangelism team usually included a high percentage of women, but now that the six weeks of 'Culiacan '92' was over, We had deciced to take one last visit to Camp Pericos; myself, Kent (another misionary), and Laurentino (special freind of Kents, and a Mixteco Indian pastor).

Camp Pericos is a small camp at the end of the only road leading into it. The people are nearly all Zapotec Indians, and nearly monolingual (that is they don't speak any language but Zapotec, and a little bit of Spanish). There is no electricity, so we are especialy glad that we were recently able to install an inverter. This enables us to run the television on voltage from the pick-ups batteries. While the Jesus movie in the Zapotec language plays, one of the Indian men arrives with news! Strangers with pistols have been seen getting out of a pick-up down at the entrance to the road leading to the camp! Several robberies have happened in the area recently, including the robbery from the local camp store. The men of the camp advise that we should not attempt to go out - the pattern of the robberies has been that as vehicles try to leave, they are ambushed and robbed at a grove of trees that borders the road. After discussion, and prayer we agree that the wisest thing to do is to stay the night.

OK! Since we must stay anyway, we decide to show another movie. The people are open, and freindly, and it seems that God is working in hearts. A Mexican family invites us for supper, while the movie plays, and while we are eating, the video movie ends, and automaticaly proceeds to the next movie on the tape. About 9:30, we move the pick-up according to the hospitality of a family who invited us to park in front of their house, where we will be protected by their two large dogs. We are the obvious targets of the strange "pistoleros". As the pickup lights iluminate the edge of the encampment, two men are seen jumping back into the brush to hide.

We three gather for special prayer about the situation. God has given us peace. We ask for a good nights sleep for all, and that our presence there shall be and remain a blessing, and not become an excuse for the enemy of our souls to bring others in the camp into danger.

The people of the camp are going to post an armed gaurd. Laurentino decides to take the first watch with them. Kent sleeps on two cushions in the back, and I in the Front seat. All night men are coming and going, irrigating the fields, but Laurentino does not come to rest from his watch.

In the early morning hours a pick-up truck is heard far away near the road. It arrives without lites at a point about a kilometer away from the camp. Dim figures of men are seen leaving the grove, and walking toward the truck. After a time they drive away. The posted gaurd can rest, and Laurentino is invited to rest in the same home where we had eaten supper.

Breakfast of beans and tortillas in the same home. Special prayer for the man of the house, who confesses a special problem with the bottle. Then back to ourcamp at Ejido Los Angeles, where my worried and prayerful wife is wondering what to do next.

by Dave McMullen


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