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Urgent needs of this ministry!

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Here is a list of URGENT needs. (This section Updated November 2, 2015

These are items that are needed now, in order to make preparaation for the coming harvest seasons work. Some of these are also listed in the portion below under the heading: "Chronic needs of this ministry!", but must now - for this time- be thought of as "urgent" needs

Two hundred or more sdhc micro memories for telephones (8Gb preferred.)

Cost (from China) if ordered now (Nov.2,2015): $105. per hundred. The "smart phones" that are so common in America in these last few years are now also common among the Indian people of Mexico. And now also, more and more audio and video gospel-material is becoming available. In many many cases we can record The entire New Testamwnt (or large portions of it) and a movie of the life of Christ on these chips, and send it home with an Indian family on their own "smart phone", and in their own language.

At least two "BibleBoxes"

Aproximate cost with Apropriate USB 'stick': about $60.00 to $80.00 each (Nov.2,2015). For the same purpose as the above item. We are now using as a regular thing the "BibleBox". This handy gadjet allows us to load thousands of files (New Testaments, gospel songs, gospel movies, etc.) in many different languages on a "USB stick", in many different langauges, and provide it all (for free 'download') to anyone and everyone in the migrant camp who has a "smart phone". Every team should have one, and I want to leave these with responsible believers who live near, or frequently visit these camps Click For more information about BibleBox

Blank CDs.

Thanks to a recent gift from Misouri believers, we have sufficient DVDs for now, but we are short on CDs. This is still the chief way that we have of getting to each individual audio or video gospel materials to to take home to share with their families. These cost us a little less than 25cents each, and we give them away by the hundreds. We will need about 2500 soon.

Don't throw that away! Send it to us!

Here are a few things that Americans often throw away

but still might have a great value in the work of the gospel. More and more of the villages have electricity now (probably most), which opens up a useful purpose to the electronic "junk" that we produce in America. These things are worth sending even if they are not in working order. If you have doubts comunicate with us by phone or email.

Old cellular telephones: with their chargers.

Many of these can be used as mp3 players for Indigenous language gospel messages, or even for mpg players to send gospel movies home with the people. Those little tiny "SD" chips that they use can hold the entire New Testament which is available in more and more Indian languages or even the entire Jesus movie.

Old laptop computers.

A dedicated individual who can speak and read Spanish can profit greatly from one of the various Bible study programs designed for Spanish speakers. Such a computer can contain a whole library of Bible study aids, and Christian reading, even including in many cases translations and study aids prepared by translators in the Indian language. Often the individuals who develop as leaders of their people in Spiritual matters are people who have learned Spanish in addition to their native Indian language.

Chronic needs of this ministry!

Here is a list of "chronic" needs. These are items that are always needed and useful in this work. If Ella and I don't need them at the moment, we can put these items into the hands of faithful men and women who will make good use of them in reaching migrant workers for Christ.

(In no particular order)


sdhc-micro memories (8Gb prefered): (Those tiny chips that hold so much - we distributed 100s in 2014/15-PRECORDED)

CD blanks

DVD blanks

CD/DVD players (We and our co-workers use, or pass them on to other believers.)

Spanish Bibles (we never have enough)

Spanish New Testaments (again, we never have enough. Although many people are non-literate, There are also many who can read, and want to, but have no scripture avaiable to them.)

DVD/CD Duplicator

"Boom Boxes" or portable amplifiers

computer equipment and printers (we wear them out!)

Indian Language Gospel Videos We keep a basic supply, but if you know of gospel material beyond the "Jesus film" in Mexican Indian languages we may not have it, and could distribute it.

Small electrical power plants

12v-to-110v 'inverters'

And always:Workers (of all sorts).

Lack of any or all items on this list will not have the effect of stopping us from preaching the gospel to the migrant laborers.  But These are items that would make us, and keep us, more effective, and enable us to spend more time at it and reach more people. And again the most important item on this list is:


Every child of God can do something. Some skills are especialy needed (mechanical, secretarial, electronic).If you want to serve God in reaching hidden peoples for Christ, contact me - There is much that you can do.

Contact us:

Dave and Ella McMullen, 4 Strong Row, Bisbee, AZ. 85603

for a tax reciept: make checks payable to Faith Baptist Church at the same address

Email is the surest way to get a message to us: DM ("at" sign) IamHis.today

Or call and leave a message: 520-234-0834



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