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Sunday May 21

The outreach in La Doce was a blessing all round! About 50 or 60 (mostly young adults) came from Hermosillo in a bus. After a 45 minute orientation in a local church facility, we went to a neighborhood where a lot of Indian people live. This is a huge neighborhood, so we concentrated on one small corner of it. This team separated the children for special games, and instruction. and then brought them back for the Jesus Movie. About 80 people from the neighborhood came, and we gave out about 20 cassettes in the Triqui (Copala) language, and one in Tarasco. Probably fifty people received Christ after one of the young men gave an invitation, and many were counseled, and prayed for individually. The team was blessed, and wants to do the same in the coming week. Some are beginning to talk about similar outreach in other areas nearby, and how to get started. Praise the Lord!

Monday May 22

Ella and I made a return visit to the little camp next to La Ocha. Many there confessed Christ on our previous visit, and it was gratifying to see their continued interest. We used two short teaching movies to emphasize to them the faithful love of God, and his holiness.

Tuesday May 23

First visit to Campo Santa Inez. Brother Sotero went with us in his own car, and he gave an invitation afterward. Five or six out of the thirty or so gathered received Christ as Savior and Lord. Sotero has been working in this camp for some time, and has some fruit there already. We gave out several cassettes in Nahuatl of Guerrero.

Wednesday May 24

Ella and I went to a distant camp called Ponderosa, but could not get permission to show a movie, because the boss was not there. So we sent to a nearby camp where we have before found Indian people. And we encountered the same problem, but finally decided on the advice of the gatekeeper, and the campero to show it anyway. (Usually the campero can make those decisions, but at first this one felt we should talk to his boss.) Out of about 50 people most responded to an invitation to receive Christ as Savior and Lord. And we were allowed of God to distribute seven cassettes in Triqui (Copala) to seven very monolingual ladies, and one to a Mixteco lady from an area not often represented in any of the camps that we have visited. Mike Lincourt had left us a small supply of "Cardtalks" with three Spanish records each. We have been giving them to mostly illiterate Spanish speaking people. We gave out the last of a box of ten in this camp, and a few people bought new Testaments.

In every camp this season, we have been able to give out booklets of John with Romans. Since many of these people have a very difficult time finding any sort of Christian meeting that is within their reach, it is essential that we give them something solid in the spiritual realm to begin living the Christian life. What better to give them, then an ample portion of the Word of God. This has not always been possible, but this year, through the kindness of some dear ones in Rio Rico, AZ, and Sierra Vista, AZ it is! And what a blessing! We have distributed about 700 of these booklets during this past month, most of them to people who had just made a public commitment to Christ.

Thursday May 25

We returned to the same area we had visited on Wednesday, to visit another camp of the same company, but again could not find the boss to get permission. Finally, about 8:30 PM I decided to leave a note with his wife, asking permission for the following night. Instead, she directed me to talk to the storekeeper, who at first insisted that we must talk to his boss, but finally gave us permission to park near his store on the following night, and show a movie. We returned home to our motor home, and went to bed early, as neither of us felt really well.

Friday May 26

We awoke refreshed, and feeling much better. Guess it was something we had eaten at a taco stand. In the evening we went back to show the movie "Jesus" in the camp mentioned yesterday. Most of the camps are working six (or even seven) twelve-hour days right now. Nevertheless, we had about sixty (mostly men) to see the movie. We started as late as we dared, because of their supper hour, and because we had to be out before nine, there was no time for an invitation, beyond the one that is part of the film. But interest was high, and we left with nearly every man a copy of John/Romans, and distributed about seven Mayo language cassettes.

Saturday May 27

We did not go to a camp. The community sponsored a dance in the basketball court just across the street from where our motor home is parked. The loud music till two AM didn't allow much sleep. But Sotero and I did take advantage of the occasion to distribute John/Romans booklets to the people, which were all well received. Our wives teased that we were going to get thrown in jail, or beaten up, but nothing bad happened. Three years ago in this same location at a similar event, a young man was shot to death.

Sunday May28

The team from Hermosillo met us again in La Doce, and we went a couple of blocks North of where we were last Sunday. We had another really good night! Again, about 80 people from the neighborhood came. And this time, they had come better prepared to deal with the children. And a little earlier to allow more time. They are excited to have real missionary experience this close to home. Some are hoping to be used of God in more remote locations later. Some are making plans to do more extensive outreach in the camps near at hand. Again tonight about fifty responded to an invitation to Christ given through one of the young men. And again we distributed about 15 audio cassettes in the Triqui language and a few in other languages. We met a couple of really dedicated Christians (cousins) from among the Tarahumara Indian people. They are both concerned for their people, and may be God's chosen instruments for a portion of that task. One of them (a young woman) related scenes from her childhood, and called to mind the continuing opportunity that I have been speaking of for years to reach the Indian people with the gospel when they go to work among the Apple orchards East of their homeland. Until this year, no one (so far as I know) has made it their business to reach them while they are there, and it is a prime opportunity. They can be reached there much more easily then when they are in their homes in the mountains. This year Elmer Bolt will be spending time in that area ministering in some of the churches and to all he meets. I have given him sub-master cassettes of the gospel in several versions of Tarahumara. Pray much for his ministry there, and that God will move someone to take up that challenge in a consistent manner.

Monday the 29th

we returned to Campo Maria del Carmen, where we had met several extremely monolingual Mixteco families. Tonight we have cassettes for them, albeit not in exactly their dialect, but one pretty close. As we pull up in the yard, one family comes out joyfully to meet us. They were not here in the camp when we were here before. It is a new christian family that knows us from visits in the Culiacan area, and they are overjoyed to see us again. They are hungry for fellowship. What a blessing to see them going on with Jesus even in very difficult circumstances. They have been almost without christian fellowship since they left the Culiacan area. He is of one of the Mixe indian groups, and his wife is from the area of the Mazatecos, but from a language that I have not heard of before. We showed a Mixteco language film here last visit ("Jesus"), but this time we will use two short Spanish films, chosen for their simplicity and clarity about the gospel. But not a single Mixteco family presents themselves, only some of the children. They are too momlingual. By visiting their individual dwellings I am able to distribute four Mixteco language cassettes. I leave four more with brother Sotero (the Mixe brother) so that he can distribute them. A few Indian men from other groups recieve cassettes, and some ask for and recieve New Testaments.

Yours for Him, Dave & Ella McMullen


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