"Harvesting Harvesters"

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Just the center of a large crowd in one of the Larger camps. No chairs, or pews. No roof, or walls, but these people stand, or sit on the ground for two or three hours while we share with them the gospel.

The harvest is bountifull.


Children crowd to the front to see the movie. Most of the adults stand behind where the darkness makes it harder to get a picture. Most of our work is done in the evening, because the people are working in the fields during the daylight hours. This makes it difficult to get good pictures. Flashbulbs are a terrible distraction.

As the sands of the sea.


A nearby yard light helps in getting a picture from the back of the crowd. Note the distinctive bright red dress with the baby on the ladies back. They are Triqui people. The ladies weave these beautiful dresses by hand on "waiste looms"

Send forth labores.
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