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Date: Sun, 21 Feb 1999

End of third week of February 1999.

Although this is an old letter, I'm leaving it here, because...

Did you ever here the story about the new pastor who preached the same sermon four Sundays in a row? When a some of the church board ask him about it, he said: "You haven't paid attention to that sermon yet. When I see that you are listening to what I say, you'll hear a new sermon!"

We have just finished the third week of four intense weeks of Project Culiacan. 4250 gospel cassettes in nearly 90 different languages have gone out to the families that speak these various languages. We have recorded the names of nearly 3000 people who have asked for prayer after having responded to an invitation to recieve Christ as Savior and Lord. Ninety two camps have been visited with a program of gospel movies, gospel cassette distribution, witnessing, etc. and have had the opportunity to obtain Bibles, New Testaments, etc. Many of them several times. Contacts in these ninety two camps probably represent 600 or 700 villages touched with the gospel of Christ.

One week remains, and their is still much to do. Many of these camps will require a second or third visit, and of the remaining hundred and fifty plus camps, at least 10 definitely fall within the goals set for this project, and must be visited; hopefully more than once.

Then what? Well, the "project" will be over, but the work will not be. We will remain in the area through the end of March, and the first few days of April, visiting camps as we can. It appears that we may have another team or two to help.

Then in April we will hurry back to Arizona for a couple of weeks, getting ready to go to Hermosillo in the end of April. Grape harvest in the Hermosillo area will draw large numbers of migrant workers from all over Mexico for the months of May and June. We will do what we can to reach them also with the gospel while they are there. Since that is very much  nearer to the United States, we keep hoping that more American christians will get involved during that season. How about you?

Although our goal is always to make Christ known to those who have never heard the gospel story, one of the most blessed things that our Lord has brought within the scope of these camp visits is to encourage those who already know Him.

We took a detour last week on our way to a distant camp, in order to see if we could find camps that had not been visited. We found a neighborhood of a small village, that appeared to be inhabited by indian people, and a small camp that was new to us. Accordingly we returned the following day, and began to visit in the above mentioned neighborhood. The first family that we visited turned out to be christians from a village known to me for many years.

In 1988 or 89, (before there was a "Culiacan Project") We visited a huge camp with a team of only four christians, and a television on top of our little Renault. Among those who stayed after the movie to ask questions, request prayer and to fellowship were several women from a village called San Martin del Rio. One very pretty young woman (Jeventina) broken heartedly ask prayer that she might walk faithfully with God. She explained that her husband and the father of her small son had deserted them several years before. Her sister (Valentina) and Aunt (Maria Morales) that night asked for and recieved new life in Christ. Through these years, we have contacted in these camps some from this village almost every year. We have watched these three women grow in the Lord, and heard from many others about the progress of the church there. Valentina and Juventina no longer come to the camps as they are much too busy with the work of the Lord in their own village. Maria and her husband (who was saved three years later through her testimony) are fruitfully evangelising in the camps wherever they go.

The family that we met in the small village mentioned above are the fruit of that work, and are also involved in evangelism wherever they go. What a privelege to meet them, and to work alongside them. This Mixteco man went with us to a small camp nearby, and after the movie, he preached the gospel to the people in Mixteco. Then we returned to their home where his wife had coffee (and other things) hot and ready for the whole team. Cold print can't convey the warmth of christian love that we felt in their company. We reluctantly tore ourselves away late at night, both they and us much encouraged by the fellowship.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep it up. God is listening!

Yours for Him, Dave & Ella McMullen

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