Christmas in the Migrant Camps

"It’s nearly Christmas in the migrant labor camps [of Mexico]. But what difference does it make? Nearly everyone will get a day off (without pay). In the days before Christmas some of the men will lay in a good supply of liquor. For many families what little money could have been spent on shoes, or groceries, or saved for the time when there is no work – will be gone on drugs and alcohol.

The children will not be disappointed – They don’t expect any gifts. Or Christmas dinner. Some may ask some questions about why the day off from work, or why did the Doña (Lady) at the store hang up the pretty lights. And someone may answer that it is “Diosito’s” (baby God’s) birthday. But in most of the camps, no one will tell the children the story, because no one knows it!

There will be some (very little) joking about “Santa Claus”. Some families will use the day to move their meager belongings from one camp to another in the hope of bettering their economic condition. Some of the men will choose that day to leave their families in the camp and make a run for the US border in the hope of better jobs and more pay. In that case they will almost certainly leave the family penniless in the camp, because they will need every dime they can muster to get across the border and find a job. But at least the family may have some hope! Hope that Daddy will get a job. But there are few who will share with these families during this time the Hope that there is in Jesus. As one “pastor” told me: “You can’t build a church with this kind of people. In the first place, they don’t have any money, and then they are migrants, and will only be here a short time”. Many who want to go and tell find it very hard to do because of outright opposition from the churches and pastors.

Oh, the churches don’t think that they oppose missions. It just sort of happens. “If you’re a member of this church you ought to be here when the doors are open!” “Oh, you and your family are needed here I n the church.” “There are lot’s of people right here in our own community that have needs.”

“We are a ‘missions minded’ church. Next Sunday is missions Sunday, and we are going to send Candy bags to the orphanage”. And so American Christians will continue to overeat on every “holy day” and spend $350.00 per year on each of their pets, Build their temples, And call Jesus “Lord” but refuse to do what He plainly said to do:


“Is it time for you, o’ ye, to dwell in your ceiled houses, and this house lie waste?” Ah, but you could be building His House – one living stone at a time. What can you do? Lot’s! communicate with us. Maybe we can give you a few ideas. The Great commission is for doers! Be a “Doer of the word…”

Our Youngest son and his wife live and serve in Mexico, just South of South Texas. Friday afternoon we’ll be heading that way for a few days. Ella has never met her daughter in law, and it’s been a few years.

We plan to drive back on Christmas day. God willing I’ll be heading down to Sinaloa State (More than 800 miles down Mexico’s west Coast) to help with an outreach the first few days of the New Year. Then I expect to be back here for a short while, and make a trip through Missouri, Alabama, and intermediate points to see if God will stir some hearts to do His bidding. We’d appreciate your prayers in all of this.

Yours for Him, Dave & Ella"

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