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Although I have been telling anyone who will listen now for several years, It is still not widely recognised (EVEN AMONG CHRISTIANS) that in California (AND IN OTHER AREAS IN THE USA) there are large numbers of Indian people from various areas of Mexico.  The following article appeared in our local paper here in Southern Arizona.

News Clipping 1


News Clipping 2

Several observations:  It appears to me that perhaps one fourth to one half of the five million mentioned in the next to the last paragraph of the second segment (on the left) were actually indians. This observation is based upon personal "guestaments"  since 1995, and the numbers have almost certainly increased since then.

Further, (as you may notice in the next to the last paragraph of the first segment - above) many English speaking Americans view all those who come from Mexico as "Hispanic", which is a misnomer, because the Indian people are not of Spanish origin, and for most them the Spanish language is still a difficult second lagnuage. Although they can be reached (initialy) in the Spanish language with the gospel of Christ, they will not readily understand it's message until it is presented to them in their own languages.Gospel recordings has a workable solution to that proplem.

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Their fear of being deported, tension with the hispanic people from Mexico, cultural backgrouond, and many other factors make them somewhat difficult to find, and to reach, but all those factors, and others make them very open to the gospel. If you are seeking (as Jesus is) to reach the truly unreached with the message of the gospel, you will find large opportunities among these people.


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